Claypot Cooking – How to Perfectly Cook in a Clay Pot?

Claypot Cooking – How to Perfectly Cook in a Clay Pot?

Claypot Cooking for over 20,000 years, people have essentially used clay to create materials for shelter, storage, and tolls. Clay held immense importance for early civilizations as they used it to shape their Gods. Modern science tells us that minerals and moisture are found in clay that is living conditions and can create life.

Early humans started making their cooking ware through clay. Clay pots and other earthenware cooking dishes are being used for centuries worldwide.

These were first introduced in Hannover, Germany, at a trade fair. Claypot Cooking is the ideal cooking vessels for those who want a perfect cooking experience and no additional fat.

Cook can be easily cooked in them over the fire and can reduce the impact of bacteria while releasing digestible nutrients.

Clay pot cooking is a very unique and rare cooking method!

Do you want to know why?

The porous surface of clay pots makes this cooking method very special.

The food inside the closed pot is perfectly cooked without including any oil or fat! Isn’t this mind-blowing?

Our major perception is that no food can cook better without including the oil, but you can cook delicious food in clay pots without oil.  Foods that can be made in clay pots include a variety of vegetables and meats, while desserts such as pudding can also be perfectly cooked.

What makes them so Special?

The healthy steaming method of cooking in a clay pot locks up all the flavor and nutrition without oils or fats as the natural porous body of clay pots heats up, and the water in it steamed. There must be a little space between the lid and the bottom half to regulate steam pressure. Food cooked inside a clay pot will naturally create a delicious liquid at the bottom that can be eaten as gravy or put on the top of any of your cooked food.

Health Benefits of Using a Claypot Cooking

Cooking in a clay pot does not only result in delicious, mouth-watering cooked food, but it is also full of health benefits. Cooking in a clay pot is far better than cooking in any normal utensil.

Following are a few amazing health benefits of food that have been prepared in a clay pot.

  • Many nutrients are required in our body for better functioning. Nutrients like calcium, iron, sulfur, etc., are added to the food prepared in clay pots naturally.
  • Clay is an alkaline material; therefore, it reduces the acidity of food, eventually making it easier for our body to digest.
  • The chemical nature of clay is alkaline. The acidity level of food cooked in clay pots reduces, making it an extremely healthy and nutritious meal.
  • Consumption of oil and fats is a huge reason behind many heart diseases. As mentioned earlier, oil is not needed to cook food in a clay pot. Therefore, we must switch our cooking method and start cooking in clay pots.

Claypot cooking

Usage of Clay Pots

Cooking food is a time-consuming process in clay pots, but it is worth it! You are supposed to put your food such as any meat, vegetables, etc. and then let them cook for 45-90 minutes (depending on the food inside)

Buying clay pots requires a special protocol that has to be done before using it. Below are given the most important steps before using a clay pot:

  • The first step that should be done is to put the clay pot in hot water for half an hour so that all the germs and dust are taken off. After taking it out, clean it with a brush to eradicate all the clay dust. After doing all these steps, you are all ready to cook food in your fresh, new clay pot!
  • When you end up preparing the food, make sure that you put the clay pot on something wet and cool such as a towel or a cool surface, so that a sudden temperature change does not affect your hot, delicious food.

claypot cooking

What can you Cook in Clay Pots?

The dishes that you can cook in clay pots include

  • baked potatoes,
  • whole chickens and ducks,
  • vegetables,
  • stews and casseroles,
  • bread puddings,
  • whole-grain bread, and much more!

How to clean it after you have used it?

After you have cooked your delicious meal in the clay pot, take out all the food from it and make sure nothing is left inside. Scrub the pot with a hard-bristled brush under very warm water for flawless cleaning. Avoid the usage of any metal scrubbers as they can be a reason behind creating scratches in the clay. Non-abrasive sponges are preferred for the cleaning process. Please do not use any strong detergents because the porous clay pot will absorb it, affecting the food you will cook in it.

As the other utensil require different types of soaps and detergents to be cleaned perfectly, clay pot cleaning does not need soaps as there are no traces of fat on it. After cleaning the pot with water, put it aside to let it dry for a day so that clay does not have moisture in it. If your clay pot is changing its color or getting stained over the time you are using it, do not get worried as it is completely normal.


As you have read the above information regarding clay pot cooking, you must start cooking food in clay pots as this is the best method to cook food. You care for your family and put all your efforts into providing them with the most healthy, nutritious, and delicious food; then clay pots should be your immediate purchase. In modern times, a few clay pots are glazed with substances like mercury, lead, and many others that are extremely hazardous for health. If you successfully find an unglazed pure earthen, immediately buy it without a second thought.

It would be best never to put your clay pot in a preheated oven because it will crack because of the heat. Also, kindly do not put it on top of the stove. Purchase a minimum of two clay pots if you want to cook sweet dishes and savory foods so that any absorbed flavor does not affect the taste of your food.

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