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Does Ceramic Coating Really Work?

Ceramic Coating Reviews

ceramic coating

Is ceramic coating a real protector?

Why would I preferer ceramic coating products against waxing or paint polisher? Does the ceramic coating technique worth its price tag? Or is it reliable to apply on my new car? Etc.

This question might hit your head when someone suggests you use the ceramic coating technique to protect your car against many external damaging agents. And being a car enthusiast, it is normal to question every perspective and make it sorted before you apply anything to your vehicle. It’s a tangible thing because a rational mind thinks before doing experiments.

Fortunately, you got the right search. Here in this article, you will get answered all your juggling questions about ceramic coating, plus you will get a complete guide about ceramic coating benefits and reasons to choose ceramic coating products against alternatives.

So, let’s read each segment and solve the juggling thoughts.

What is in Real?

Ceramic coating is a Chemical hydrophobic solution applied as a shielding layer on your car polish post and ultimately protects your car against several damaging external factors.

The protection ceramic coating is applied on the exterior of your car by hand to make a sure proper covering of each corner. At the same time, its intrinsic is making sure to keep your loveliest car scratch-free and sun UV light damage-free, plus maintain the factory paint wall of your motor vehicle.

If you are a car enthusiast, a single scratch or stain on your car hurts you so hard, and then the ceramic coating is the most appropriate option for you. Your vintage or brand-new car may get protected into a ceramic coating product exterior shield.

But here, a question arises, why choose ceramic coating against waxing or polish?

How Is Ceramic Coating Better Than Waxing?

Is far better than wax due to its Long-term durability and high resistive property that protects against harsh UV sun damages, corrosive, color dullness, shine, removing contaminants and scratches.

Other than this, the ceramic-based coating is resistive to strong damaging chemical soaps and detergents plus the acid rain and oxidation. In addition to this, It provides mirror shine to your vehicle.

The most significant point supporting the statement that ‘ceramic coating is better than waxing’ is the strong bonding property and curing property once applied to the exterior surface of your motor vehicle.

Waxing gets applied and attached to the exterior part of your car paint, but on the other hand, the ceramic coating makes a strong chemical bonding with the paints and absorbs when applied to the exterior of your car. Expectedly like now, you get the exact idea about the efficient ceramic coating protection and are able to decide which one is better for you.

You are still curious to know more, right? So, let’s dig this article a bit deeper.

Ceramic Coating Brightside:

The day the Ceramic Coating technique was introduced in the market never heard any bad experiences or reviews. Give a read to the bright ceramic coating that keeps its reviews high till today.

Sheild Against Harmful UV Rays:

UV rays do worse to your car exterior than you think as they have a tendency to break your car paints, start oxidation and dull color of your car’s exterior paints. But if a Ceramic coating exterior protector protects your car, it will resist the adverse effect of UV radiation and prevent oxidation.

Now you can park your car outdoor without any shade or cover if you have a coating on it.

Sheild Against Chemical Stains:

Air pollutants and chemical stains derived from acidic contaminants are causing an adverse effect on living bodies and motor vehicles. The acidic contaminants get attached, bond to the car paint surface, and ultimately cause severe damage to car industry paint coating and lead to rusting.

Get your car shielded by a Ceramic Coating protector and drive fearlessly with no worries about your car protection.

Flexible Cleaning & Hydrophobic Nature:

Here is another reason for using ceramic coating instead of the waxing technique. The hydrophobic nature does not allow water to stay over the surface or bind it for a long time. This is why car washing is more flexible and easier for the owner.

On the other hand, the waxing allows water to stay and ultimately makes car washing a headache.

The hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating provides Jet speed spotless car washing and protects the car against cohesion and rusting.

Lustrous Glossy Outlook:

Despite countless other car maintenance factors, car enthusiasts prioritize the final outlook of their car. Looks matter for the relevant person, and people around you give you price tags.

If you prioritize looks maintenance and protection, then ceramic coating products are the best option. After applying the ceramic-based coating on your motor vehicle, the final look will be lustrous glossy, and magnificent. Your car will surely admire your love for it after applying ceramic coating on it.

There are some myths about ceramic Coating roaming around you that may distract you from your personal choice. Give a read them too and get rid of them.

Ceramic Coating Dark-side:

Perfection is hidden in imperfection, is not it? The same goes for ceramic coating protection as it is near perfection, but some negligibly important factors cause it to be a bit imperfect.

Does Not Sheild Against All Types of Scratches and Swirl Marks:

The ceramic coating is the most reliable protector against external factors, but still, it can’t protect your car from scratches and swirl marks.

Despite this inability, it will maintain the paint coating against damage and conserve its outlook.

Does Not Resist Water Spotting:

As discussed before, that ceramic coating, due to its hydrophobic nature, slides off the water and doesn’t allow it to stay on car paint’s surface.

But still, hard water causes water spots on the paint’s surface. You can prevent it by using your hands during car washing.

Stop the Need for Car Wash:

Car washing is mandatory with or without ceramic coating. Any manufacture does not yet introduce the magical feature of car washing. This miracle is missing, but otherwise, it’s the best market product ever.

ceramic coating reviews


It purely depends on how much you want to invest in your car protection. The ceramic coating is particularly manufactured for you if you really care about your car, safety, and outlook.

Get the ceramic coating and set yourself free of car maintenance worries.


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