How meditation changes my life

How meditation changes my life

Throughout my professional life, I have had many people ask me about the secret to the success I have achieved, and my reply has always been ‘meditation.’ I see all kinds of weird faces each time I say this, but it is true nonetheless.

Meditation at no matter which stage of my life has helped me calm down, reflect on my personality, and spiritually enhance me.

Driving home after finishing my work, I look up to my one-hour meditation session, for which I have kept a separate room in my home. This meditation session helps me relax and free my mind from everything I have to deal with daily, making my evenings calmer.

Meditation over the years has helped me maintain a balance between professional and personal life while also decluttering my mind and giving me newer ideas.

Bringing significant positive changes, meditation has undoubtedly made my life better, and I recommend it for you too.

When and why did I start meditation?

A few years back, during my high school years, I started working at a data company to gain experience in the data industry.

Though I learned a lot at the company, I often found myself full of anxiety and burnt out. This was because I had to deal with pressure from both the school and my job.

After a few months into the job, I found myself googling blogs about handling the pressure and working well at both the position and school. Meditating and Journalizing were the solutions I found to be the most fruitful for myself.

I started to meditate each day, and I journalized my thoughts and tasks for each day. I soon noticed a massive improvement in my quality of life and the performance I was delivering at the school and the job. Since then, the habit has stuck with me and probably will for the rest of my life.

Three different types of meditation I do:

Over the year, I have experienced several different meditations, each of which is made for a different purpose and has helped me in one way or the other. Here is a list of different types of meditations that have proven quite beneficial for me.

  • Transcendental meditation:

This is one of the most simplified forms of meditation that requires the least time. It can be done by sitting upright on a chair or preferably on a floor; the person then has to close their eyes and take deep breaths while reading a mantra if they want. This helps the person to reduce stress and be calmer.

  • Visualization:

Being my personal favorite, the visualization in meditation requires a person to sit down, close their eyes and think about an image or a vision. This vision could be anything like a personal goal or a dream job. The person then has to visualize himself in possession of that particular thing. Constant visualization of the same goal creates a hunger for achieving it, thus helping the person complete it.

  • Mindfulness meditation:

This is a simple type of meditation that is done to increase people’s mindfulness and help them concentrate only on the present. This meditation requires a person to sit down with their eyes closed and focus on their breath.

Doing this has shown significant changes in my levels of focus, and I would recommend it to anyone that has trouble concentrating.

How has meditation helped excel my career?

Meditation is proven to provide us with both physiological and spiritual nourishment, and being someone that has experienced these changes; I can assure you that it is true.

Soon after stepping into the corporate world, I was undermined by its vastness and the difficulties I faced to climb the corporate ladder.

Like always, I turned to meditation and used a specific technique named visualization. I started to visualize my goals and the things I wanted to achieve in every meditation session. I imagined myself with things and positions that I wanted to acquire.

This visualization and the focus meditation offered me gave me a mindset that focused on my goals.

Over a long term of doing this, I was able to achieve the things I visualized before. I still imagine newer goals that I want to achieve.

Other meditation benefits that I have noticed:

Apart from helping me in my career and personal life, meditation also helps with other things such as creativity, emotions, and health. Here’s a list of changes that I have noticed after starting meditation.

  • Lower stress levels:

No matter how stressed I get, I always find meditation the best solution. It reduces both physical and emotional stress and always makes me feel energized.

  • Enhanced creativity:

Meditation pulls toxins from your mind and fills it with new ideas and bright thoughts, thus making you more creative.

  • Increases strength:

Meditation involves constant breathing making a person inhale more oxygen, thus improving blood circulation and the immune system, making you stronger.

  • A youthful look:

Thanks to meditation, I always have people telling me how I look younger than my age. Meditation makes you look more youthful by stopping wrinkles and old age from appearing on your face.


Meditation is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years now. People worldwide perform different kinds of meditation because of the benefits meditation brings with itself. You can also start meditating and reap the benefits.

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