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How to: Christmas gift Ideas for Kids

How to: Christmas gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas gift ideas for kids

With Christmas just around the corner, one of the biggest obstacles that come to mind is buying gifts and where find Christmas gift ideas for kids. For most people, buying gifts may be a walk in the park, but for parents, it might be ever so daunting. Since children have a knack for wanting a lot of things, it’s never easy for a parent to decide what to give their bundle of joy on the day of celebration.

Christmas gift Ideas for Kids

Not with standing the fact that kids want just about everything, setting a budget is made all the more difficult. However, there are a certain set of rules and or principles that you can undergo if you plan on going gift shopping for your children anytime soon.

The biggest rule to remember whenever you go out to purchase Christmas gifts is the famous 4 Gift Rule.

The Golden Rule: 4 Rule for Christmas Gift

If you’re wondering what the golden 4 rule for Christmas Gift is, then look no further.

This rule states that parents buy children 4 gifts based on something they need, something they will wear, something they want, and something they can read. By following this rule, parents can remain certain that they stay well within their budget and don’t go overboard by accident.

It’s no surprise that parents cherish their young ones and want nothing but the best for them. Keeping this in mind, parents tend to splurge too much at times on their children. By following this golden rule, however, parents can remain well within their spending criteria and get children Christmas gifts based on what they want as well as what they need.

The four aspects of the 4 Gift Rule are explained as under:  

Buy What They Need

When we talk about buying what a child needs, it may refer to things that bring productivity into consideration. For instance, children may need new books, new school bags, uniforms, and even school equipment.

All of these gifts will help a child better understand the significance of what their parents do for them all year round.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you only buy your kids what they need for Christmas. Christmas is undoubtedly a time filled with joy and bliss, meaning your children deserve to be happy. In this way, buying them what they need should only be a part of the bigger picture and not the entire gift.

Buy What They Will Wear 

One of the more crucial Christmas gifts might be those that children end up wearing.

This is because children tend to ruin or out-grow clothes at a much quicker pace. Since children, especially below the ages of ten or twelve are in their phase of growing, they might need all the clothes they can get.

Taking this into account, getting your kids a new pair of shoes or a new shirt near Christmas may prove to be an exemplary idea.

Buy What That They Want 

The most important gift that kids look forward to all year round is what they want. Now, this may be the new PlayStation or even a new book, depending on your child’s interests. Nevertheless, it is highly important that you set a defined budget before going out to buy this Christmas gift for Kids.

Since this gift is the one that children cherish more, in comparison, it’s still important that you stay well within your budget and try not to go overboard. If you wish to get gifts for Christmas cheap, then looking online may be highly resourceful. Considering the fact that the internet is full of coupons and or discounts, you can get your money’s worth in almost no time at all. All you need to do is spend a reasonable amount researching whatever Christmas gifts you plan on buying.

If you don’t wish to spend a lot on Christmas gifts, you can work on gifts for Christmas DIY. By making the Christmas gifts yourself, you are able to insert an added element of personal affection. A gift made by parents themselves would undoubtedly be a gift to remember for ages, even when your children are older.

Buy Something That They Can Read

Although most kids have their heads glued to phone screens nowadays, some kids still love to read and enjoy an occasional book here and there. For those children as well as others, a good gift would be to buy something they can read.

This would not only help children start off with a productive hobby but would prove to be a much-needed distraction from online games and such. Books can help children raise their level of vocabulary and work on enhancing better communication.

Advantages of Following the 4 Gift Rule

The 4 Gift Rule allows numerous advantages that parents can benefit from. Some of these are listed as under:

No Excess Clutter 

We all know just how messy Christmas can get when it comes to gifts. Most of the time, children end up with too many gifts and move most of the items they receive to the side. This means that most toys or books are completely cast aside until they’re actually thrown away or given away.

The 4 Gift Rule works to eliminate excess gifts and encourages the giving of gifts that children need alongside the ones that they want.


Since too many gifts call for an added packing sheet alongside every gift, the 4 Gift Rule also removes excess waste. By giving out only essential gifts that are lesser, parents tend to use lesser gifting paper, leading to this rule being somewhat environmentally friendly as well.

Beneficial for Growth

Lastly, since the Christmas gifts falling under the 4 Gift Rule isn’t just for glamour and enhancing productivity, they may be helpful for a child in terms of their long-term growth. 


All in all, Christmas is a time of celebration and joy, indicating that gifts are only part of the experience. Keeping all this in mind, it would prove to be resourceful if you were to follow the 4 Gift Rule when you went shopping for Christmas gifts.

The gifts you buy, using this principle, would show your children the importance of certain gifts that they get for free all across the year. It would also encourage the idea that Christmas isn’t just about gifts, and it’s actually the thought that counts at the end of the day.

The 4 Gift Rule can help out promoting an element of humbleness in young children as well, consequently leading children not to be spoiled.

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