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How To Get Back In Shape After Childbirth

get back in shape

Motherhood is not less than a roller coaster ride in which you always roll between happiness, sadness, responsibility, and self-ignorance; here how to Get Back In Shape After Childbirth

It is commonly said that I am fat because I am a mother; oh, there is no logic behind this. As a mother, it’s your dual responsibility to keep yourself active for your baby. A healthy, happy, and busy mom can raise a happy, healthy, and active child.

So don’t ignore yourself. After nine months of pregnancy, the body suddenly comes to the resting position in a moment, and much hormonal upset happens. Everyone has a different case and body, so don’t compare yourself with others.

You eat a lot during your pregnancy and gain a lot of weight, but now it’s time to get your body back. Women feel so many changes in their bodies since after adulthood.

Menstrual cycle, emotions, hormonal disturbance, sore breasts, and many more, and in the same way, they have the willpower to bear out those changes with a smile.

So in the case of motherhood, this willpower changes into mysterious power, and mothers bear the most dreadful pain of this world. Kudos to all moms reading this article.

Delivery Method

Getting body shape is a struggling period, and it also depends on the delivery method. The delivery methods are

Veginal delivery

C section delivery

In veginal delivery, the baby is delivered through the mother’s veginal path, and the baby moves outward due to the production of hormones during labor pain.

Different techniques have been introduced in this advanced age that helps in reducing the pain and ease the delivery method, and in the c section, deep cuts are done on the mother’s belly, and the baby is taken out.

In terms of weight loss, veginal delivery moms can quickly lose weight as during labor pain and the explosion of vegina different hormones produce, that help in weight loss.

In contrast, the weight loss journey is somewhat tricky for c section mommies as they have a belly pouch or belly fat on the cut portion, and it isn’t easy to burn that.

Ways To Get Back The Body Shape

There are so many ways to get back to average weight after childbirth, and the most common are

Do Walk

Walking burns calories; sweating hormones activate and burn the calories during the walk. Walking not only burns calories but also helps in tightening the muscles.

Start Exercise

If walking is the initial point to keep the body active and healthy, exercise is the final point. During pregnancy, some body parts, such as the belly, hips, thigh, and breast area, expand, and their muscles become loose that doesn’t allow the body to come back into shape. There is a specific exercise for every part to tighten the muscle, burn out the fats of those body parts, and lose weight.

Breastfeed To Burn Calories

The most important tip to get body shape back is to breastfeed your baby. It will provide food to your baby, develop a strong bond and burn your calories. One of the significant ways to lose weight is breastfeeding. It is undoubtedly challenging at the start as you can have a sore breast or feel such painful lumps. But after a week, it will be the easiest way of feeding and losing weight. Don’t worry about saggy breasts, as some other exercises help bring the shape back or tighten the breasts.

Caution if you are a breastfeeding mother, then don’t do the diet; keep your diet healthy, drink water, and be hydrated because breastfeeding is already an energy-consuming process

Kegel And Pelvic Tilts

So many factors are responsible that weekend the pelvic portion of a woman, such as pregnancy, weight gain, aging, and childbirth. These pelvic muscles support the womb, bladder, and other vital organs, which may be lost if they become weak. Kegel exercise can help make them stronger and save you from urinary tract infections. At the start, it is better to find a private place and start from a few seconds and then go to minutes.

Caution. Due to Kegel exercise, if you feel pain in the abdomen and backbone, you are doing it wrong.

Pelvic tilts, an excellent exercise to relieve backbone pain. It also helps to strengthen the abdomen and hip muscles.

As a new mom, start from a few seconds and if it suits you, then continue.

Fasten A Belt Around Your Abdomen

Just after delivery, put up a belt on your belly. It is a time when women’s bodies go through changes, and it’s the best time to fasten them tightly to bring the shape of muscles back. This can happen in veginel delivery, but in the c section, you have to weigh for 2 to 3 days, then you can carry your belt even for your whole life as it also supports your backbone.

Drink Warm Water

It is scientifically proven that cold water is unhealthy for an average person, even in Summers. And after delivery, it will be the worst decision to drink cold water. Warm water keeps the body temperature regular and keeps muscles active. Warm water also helps in weight loss by boosting metabolism and breaking down the fat molecules of your diet faster.

Lotions For The Stretching Marks

Stretching marks have many emotional names as mother identification, love marks, and growth marks. During Pregnancy, the fiber of skin becomes soft, and any irritation, baby growth, and movement can produce stretch marks on your belly, breast, and thighs.

During Pregnancy, they expand, and after childbirth, they come to a standard shape, and permanent stretch marks occur. Lotions and creams are available, but they cannot help to finish them but can increase the process of fading.

Accept The Reality

Above all, keep yourself motivated and strong. You are a mother now; weight, stretch marks, and sore breasts are a part of us now. Keep yourself emotionally strong and accept the new reality of your body and a new routine. You can ask for help, but in the end, it’s your child; you have to take care of him and yourself. Take a good diet, drink water, keep yourself motivated and strong. Enjoy this phase of your life as it will pass soon.

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