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Makeup Essentials for the Holiday Season

how to save money and get your makeup essentials, the guide that can help you find everything you need in a range that won’t break the bank

As the holiday season approaches, our Make Up Essentials must change to deal with the dry and cold winter months. A problem that many people face during this time is the high prices of makeup. It can be tough to find everything that you need within reasonable ranges that won’t leave you broke the rest of the month. At times like this, what you need is a guide that can help you find everything you need in a range that won’t break the bank. Luckily, you’re in the right place.

Here are some great tips with which you can get all of your essentials at reasonable prices:

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Make a makeup essentials list:

The first step is to make a list of everything that you need. This makeup essentials list will help you buy everything you need. This way, when there’s a sale, you won’t forget anything on your wish list. Your makeup essentials list can have anything on it, from makeup brushes to lipsticks and even skincare. If you think it’s a necessity, add it there.

Stick to what you need:

Although it can be tempting to buy the whole store, it is in your best interest if you stick to only what you really need. Did you spot the mascara you already own in some fancy new packaging? Well, it’s not worth spending your hard-earned money on if you have a whole bottle at home. If you plan to save money and end up with an affordable bill, in the end, remove any excess things from your makeup essentials list and stick to it.

Use one product for many purposes:

The best trick to further cut down your expenses and get all of your makeup essentials is by using one product for more. Even though a product isn’t marketed a certain way, that should not stop you from using it to its extreme. Here are some examples of how you can practice this method:

  • Use lipstick for your lips and as blush. Simply place a little on your cheeks and dab it till it’s sheer enough to act as a blush.
  • Moisturizer can be a primer too. When you’re in need of a base before you apply your makeup, a good moisturizer can work just like a primer. In the dry winter months, your skin will appreciate the additional moisture.
  • Who needs setting powder when you have powder foundation? This will do the job of both giving you coverage and keeping it in place all day.
  • A brow gel can be used as mascara if you’ve got the right shade. Brown mascara is all the rage these days, so what’s stopping you from saving some coin?

There are so many more options, so get creative and make that makeup essentials list even smaller. However, remember to have the right makeup brushes, or these techniques may not work!

Brushes come first:

The first thing you need and is worth spending a little extra on is makeup brushes. This is because makeup brushes will last you years, and they are the tools with which your makeup will look flawless. No matter what products you use, if you have a great set of makeup brushes, you can always make the products work.

So, if you’ve got some spare cash left over after you’ve got the rest of your makeup, try spending on some great makeup brushes. That being said, remember that great things don’t have to be expensive. Multiple drugstores have fantastic options too.

Holiday gift sets:

Winter means the holiday season is coming. With this, multiple brands come out with a range of holiday gift sets. The best part about these is that you can get a bunch of things for reduced prices and save so much money. If you only want a certain number of products from the set, you can always wrap up the ones you don’t need, and you’ve got a perfectly good present. This method can help you check off a number of products from your makeup essentials list without having to compromise on anything. Always take advantage and splurge on these while saving so much.

Travel-sized goodies:

What’s the next best thing after holiday makeup sets? Travel sizes! These smaller options are not only cute and extremely travel-friendly, but they are far more affordable than the whole thing. With these cute, affordable, and useful items, you can quickly fill up your makeup bags to the brim without needing to spend too much.

Whether you need it for travel, to try out new products, or to just find an affordable way to get everything on your makeup essentials list, this is a great option.

Wait for the sales:

When you’re planning to save up, it’s best to wait for the sales to spring up. Every year during the holiday season, brands have sales with large discounts. This is the best time to hit the stores and start collecting all the makeup you need for the season. Holiday sales are loved because they’re great for oneself and presents too. If you want a reasonable range, have patience till the sales arrive, and your wallet will thank you.


Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to get all of your makeup essentials and makeup brushes in an affordable price range and of the quality that you desire. However, when the holiday season arrives, you will be flooded with options of sales and gift sets that can help you stock up with ease.

Along with this, if you shop smart with samples and sets, you could get so much more makeup for the little amount that you are spending. Finally, when you sit down and experiment with makeup, you will realize that one product can have multiple uses. This can further help reduce the long receipts of makeup that can spring up even when you’re looking for essentials. So, what are you waiting for? Make that list and get ready to shop without burdening your bank account.


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