How to keep cat warmer during Winters

Cats are beautiful creatures and sensitive as well and it’s very important to keep cat warmer

In this article you can discover how to keep your cat warmer during winters. These furry friends of humans feel emotions, happiness, and sadness, in the same way they feel temperature, and it causes an effect on their health.

If you are a cat owner or pet lover, you know about the condition of your cat, how she feels, and when she needs special care.

But it is difficult to decide which Temperature is too cold or too hot for a cat as it depends on the cat breed. Some cats love to live in snowy and freezing areas, while others love to spend time at homes, even in winters. Before making arrangements for your cat as Winters are coming, first, read and search about the cat breed and its nature.

Indoor cats are more susceptible to temperature as they feel cold or hot more while street cats or outdoor cats can bear the Temperature to some extent.

One more reason that demands attention in the case of temperature tolerance is the age. An old cat requires more attention and care than a young cat. Baby cats are tiny, soft, and sensitive, so they demand extra care for proper growth and health, especially in winters.

What To Do To Keep Cat Warmer In Winters

Why do cat owners take so much care and attention in winter rather than summer?

Because winters are more severe than summers, winters have extremely low temperatures that can freeze the blood of pets and some outdoor animals, and it causes severe problems.

Snuggling is also common in winters that end up the food and water intake urge in pets, especially cats.

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to give your cats the best and suitable condition so they feel happy and stay healthy.

What steps you can take to keep your cat warmer

Here are the few suggestions and measurements one can adopt to keep the cat warm in winters. You can add more attention and more care as per your weather and cat breed demands.

Let’s discuss these steps one by one and make our feline friends happy, healthy and active.

Arrange A Cozy Bed Or Shelter Area

Bedding is the most important part of keeping a cat warm, winter is a slow and less active season, and people love to spend their time in blankets with some dry fruits. The same goes for cats. They love to sleep in a warm bed to keep the temperature of the body normal. Winter Nights are long, and cats demand extra care and heat. If there is a freezing temperature, then arrange a heater near the cat bed.

Cats don’t like direct heat, but they love hot air. So better to arrange a blower; otherwise, keep the heater at a maximum distance from their bed. Also, keep the fire hazards or water near the heater to maintain a sufficient supply of oxygen.

Some cats don’t like pet beds, so place a soft mattress on their bed with a soft material and heat absorber. This mattress will provide continuous heat to the cat’s body, and your cat can sleep well and feel fresh.

Keep Litter In The Open And Sunny Place In The Noon And Afternoon

Nature is beautiful and has a weather cycle that makes the life of people easy. Better to take your cat for a walk in the noon and afternoon when there is the heat of the sun or enough sun rays. Remember that noon can be dangerous in winter as there is cold air, so cover your cat, wear a hoodie or any cap. You can also cover his feet as in the snow, feet can absorb coldness, and it can make your cat ill. In cold areas, winter chemicals are also thrown in the snow that are dangerous for the cat’s paws, so if you take your cat out, you must wear paw safety to save your cat.

If you are a busy pet parent, keep a litter in a sunny place, where your cat can enjoy private time in the sun heat. This will make enough blood circulation that will keep your cat active, fresh, and healthy. You can also sit in the sunshine with your cat, to absorb vitamin D, that id necessary for bone growth and bone strengthening.

Keep Them Active By Doing Exercises

Exercise is the necessity of a healthy body, either winter or summer. But in winters, it is vital to keep the blood inflow and regulate the functioning of the golden organs of the cat body. If you are lazy, and the same goes for your cat, there are chances of illness. An old cat can have arthritis in the winter if she sleeps the whole day or does not move her joints.

If the cat does not move or stay at a place for a long time, then there can be serious issues as

Dry skin, fleas, seasonal depression, and sleep issues.

So in winter, to keep your cat healthy and safe from disease and illness, exercise is a must-take step.

Give Warm Food And Fresh Water

Cats in winter want to snuggle and sleep, that’s all. But as a pet parent, you have to wake them up and give them food. Meal missing, low intake of water, no play, no exercise, and even no litter time is the habit of cats as they dont want to leave their hot areas or cozy bed.

Make sure to give the food that is warm to your cat as per his mealtime routine

In winters, cats have dehydration as they dont like to drink water, so to keep them healthy, give fresh water on and off or with every meal that will keep them hydrated. Dry heat and heaters are the stimulators of dehydration in cats, so keep the freshwater supply.

Final Verdict

Cats are the family member and responsibility, so pet parents must make every effort to keep cats warm and safe in winter. Which tip you are going to practice, tell us in the comment box.

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