How To Navigate Parenting Insecurities

What Does Parenting Insecurities Mean?

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Parenting is not a mathematical formula, and it’s not exactly for everyone but how to navigate Insecurities To Raise A Happy Child?

How To Navigate Parenting Insecurities

Every person is different, and during pregnancy, the condition of every woman differs.

Even in every pregnancy, a woman may experience different conditions and challenges.

So to estimate the pregnancy condition, baby nature, and the way of bringing up is a myth and stupidity as well. New moms feel hesitant in everything, from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, from changing diapers to potty training, and visiting a doctor to treating at home.

She found judgemental behavior and suggestions from all around.

This is called parenting insecurities that cause problems in a mother’s life and babies. Every mom wants to do her best, and in this, she tries everything she listens. But sometimes, it doesn’t go nice, and there comes a backlash from senior women.

This creates parenting insecurities.

Parenting Insecurities In Working Mom

The most suffering creature on this planet is a working mom as their heart cries both for their carer and babies. Most of the time, society puts so much pressure on us to do everything well. Working mothers feel guilty for not giving the proper time to their babies. These insecurities in their severe form cause guilt or even depression.

Depression of not doing well or doing more and more. According to research, 70 to 80 per cent of insecure moms who feel guilty are working mothers. Being judgmental and irritating are the signs of an insecure parent.

Parent Guilt, A Stimulus

Guilt acts as a stimulus in parenting insecurities. One of the main reasons for being guilty is responsibility. Responsibility for doing everything for your baby, to keep him happy, and much more.

Sometimes guilt is natural as there is a lot of competition in the market, and that causes insecurities for mothers to do best for their children.

Why do you feel insecure as a parent?

Following are the reasons parents feel insecure.

  • Being insecure of not giving much time
  • Being insecure, that your child is not competitive
  • Being insecure that your child does not think differently
  • Insecurity or guilt that your child enjoys too much screen time
  • Insecurity of bad behavior of your baby in a public
  • The guilt of not giving a healthy diet
  • The guilt of yelling and beating
  • Guilt and insecurity of not giving quality life
  • Insecurity of being a bad parent

All these and many other reasons for parenting insecurities cause so many negative impacts on mothers and babies and the whole family.

An insecure mother can destroy the whole environment of the house and family.

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How To Navigate?

The important part is getting rid of this issue and navigating the insecurities to raise a happy child. Undoubtedly, social media is giving the jerk of depression as everyone is busy posting happy and perfect stuff. What to do in such a scenario to navigate parenting insecurities.

Keep Things In Perspective

Realistically analyze things and problems and try to keep them sorted. This will help you in making the list of important and less important things and makes life easy.

There Is No Calculated Formula To Raise A Child

If you are thinking of practicing everything your mother and grandmother did to raise a child, then maybe you are wrong. There is no calculated or practiced formula as every child is a separate individual, and every piece of advice is not for you.

Motherhood Is Perfect

Mothers always want to do their best for their kids, so never judge others and not let others judge you. Every mother is perfect, and her way of raising a child is also accordingly.

Practice Self-Compassionate

Don’t judge yourself; keep standards low towards yourself. Self-care, forgiveness, and balance are the best attributes for living a happy life and raising a happy child. An insecure mother definitely will raise an insecure daughter.

Set Your Family Standards

Your family is your territory. You are the boss to decide what you and your family will do and what not. Sleeping, meal, and playtime are your personal choices, so never compare with others.

Life Is Short And Unpredictable

Life is unpredictable, so enjoy it and live it with your babies, spend happy moments, go to play areas, and let your worries blow away.

Remember You Are On The Saving Side

Mothers are on the earth to support and secure their children, so don’t lose courage, and remember you are on the saving side, not the helping side.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help.

Never hesitate to ask for help, house help, or helping hands in the form of a mother-in-law; mothers and sisters are part of life. Relationships are meant to help, and you can call them in your difficult time or busy schedule.

Ready To Learn New Things

Don’t be adamant or stick to your thoughts. There are different coaching centres and practice areas to learn to do your baby chores and handle difficult situations.

Acknowledge That You Can’t Do It All

If you think you can do it all, then you are wrong. Mothers are human, and they can be tired also. Every mother has a specialty; some can cook well, others can teach. So practice what you are good and easy. Don’t burden yourself; people are there to talk; let them be.

Fix Some Me-Time

Take a hot water shower, wear a new dress, do some make-up, make a cup of tea and sip it deep by sitting at your favorite corner of the home. Be nostalgic or read any book. This me-time will prepare you to fight again.

Spend Time With Your Partner

The most important person in this situation is your partner. Ask for help from him, spend some good romantic time or go for dinner. Don’t overthink, as it is a sign of emotional insecurity symptoms. A funny movie can take all your worries away or talk to him about what’s in your heart and mind.

All these steps will take your insecurities away or at least navigate them, and you will be able to spend some quality time with your family.

You can also read an insecure parent guide to seek help or knowledge.

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