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The best mini photo printer for iphone and android

we tested this mini photo printer for mobile phone like iphone or android and yes it’s amazing

mini photo ink printer

My daughter recently started her own little online business and was asking for a mini photo printer to make her packaging stand out. Although the printer we had at home worked perfectly fine, she wasn’t content and wanted more. So, I ventured on to the internet to find something that she would find helpful for her little start-up and her school. That is when I came across the cute little printer with a bear on top, the Print X Pro.

What is the Print X Pro, mini photo printer?

The Print X Pro is a mini photo inkless printer that can fit right into your pocket with ease. It is designed to print messages, photo from your phone iphone or andoid, stickers, and more but has a range of benefits that make it much better than the average printer.

It is wireless and can easily connect to whatever device you own. So, all you will need to do is edit the picture you plan to print until you like it. Once it’s done, connect your device to the Print X Pro and hit print.

Within a few seconds, you will obtain a physical copy of your unique image in a few clicks.

mini photo ink printer

My experience with this mini photo printer:

Initially, I assumed that I was getting a cute little photo printer for my daughter. However, it turned out to be much more.
I sat down next to her and watched her print out a bunch of stickers. To my surprise, she didn’t have to use glue at all. She peeled on the back and stuck it on.

Moreover, her laptop was nowhere to be seen- she was printing right off her phone!

That’s when I began to experiment with this small printer too. I realized I could print out little messages, notes, labels, and so much more.

Finally i could organize the kitchen cabinet the way I wanted.

I assumed it would take me a while to get the hang of it because I’m not that tech-savvy, but I quickly learned what to do with my daughter’s help.

Within a day, I managed to print out all of the labels that I wanted in the perfect size for my entire spice drawer.

Even my grocery lists made me feel like actually going out, and the rolls of paper went on for days. It was great for my daughter, too, who could take it to school and get all of her work done to her liking. There isn’t one thing that I dislike about this adorable printer

The features:

To truly understand how I became obsessed with this mini photo printer for phone, you will need to know about the remarkable features that this provides. Here are some of the many

  • It has a ROHM TPH with 50 KM operation, which is phenomenal for its size
  • The Li-ion battery is fast charging and safe
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection means you don’t have to worry about where you are; printing is done quickly and smoothly.
  • It can be connected to any Windows, iOS, or Android device
  • It also comes with a handy mobile app which makes the use even easier
  • A PC driver is also available
  • Inkless print, so there’s no worry about constantly switching out expensive cartridges.
  • It includes rich text and a wise label.
  • Remote printing so you can print anywhere and any time
  • OCR/ text recognition is included
  • You can curate instant messages
  • It is compatible with any height label, so you can produce a label for absolutely any object you like
  • The printer is also compatible with mainstream label edit and print software so that it can read anything off most images.
  • Automatic printing means you get what you need in seconds
  • It is a small and portable mini A6 printer

Benefits of Print X Pro, the mini photo printer:

Here are some of the many benefits that I could pinpoint:

  • 1-hour long charge
  • Four rolls for printing come with the purchase
  • Labels, messages, stickers, web printing, and material printing can be done
  • Cute exterior
  • Palm-size small design
  • It includes an integrated cutter to ensure safe operation
  • It is compatible with thermal paper
  • Thermal technology means no ink or refilling
  • Completely wireless and speedy connection
  • Prints on a large width of around 58 mm
  • Compatible with every device commonly used

discover mini photo printer

Who would I recommend it to?

After spending a long time using this fantastic device, I realized that it is one of the best portable printers that money can buy. I can help my daughter with the little things she needs and even organize my stuff at home to perfection. It has never let me down, and I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

It is effortless to figure out how to use it because it is immensely user-friendly.

This is an excellent printer for everyone of any age, and its cute look is an added benefit. If you have been looking for a pocket-sized printer, this is one you’ll love.


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