Why Does My cat Friend Follow Me To The Bathroom

Why Does My Feline Friend Follow Me To The Bathroom

cats follow me in the bathroom

This title has two strong words that demand attachments, a feline friend and bathroom. If you think I am saying a stupid thing, you must not meet my mom, my mom is super conscious and possessive about her bathroom and bathroom time, and she can never compromise on that private time. She called her bathroom time, Me time; And that was normal before the arrival of my female feline friend.

She has a habit of following everyone every time, and at my mom’s me-time, this becomes the most annoying thing.

With curiosity, I opened up a question on the internet and found out people were searching for its reasons. So I decided to focus on every point, either scientifically, psychologically, or naturally, to know why my feline friend followed me to the bathroom.

And one more thing, caution: the article will discuss the cause, not the solution, as there are alternates but no solutions.

Reasons Why Cat Follows Me Everywhere Especially In The Bathroom

Hundreds of reasons are present behind every act and habit as our domestic animals and pets can’t speak and can’t tell us the exact reason, so there are guesses, theories, and perceptions.

Cats follow everywhere for the following reason, and out of them, maybe your cat has one. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Curiosity Is The Basic Reason If Cat Follows You To Bathroom

One of the main reasons is curiosity. When you shut your door at a cat’s face, then she wants to know what is inside.

The curious instinct is the natural thing, and in the case of cats, it is famous that curiosity kills the cats and that curiosity leads them to your private place.

According to scientific research, there are different types of instincts, such as

Territorial Nature:

furry friends know how to save their territory, and for that, they investigate and check every area and assess the upcoming dangers.

Natural Instincts:

this instinct of cats leads them to the bathroom to catch the hidden prey found in the bathroom. They love to investigate and find their target whenever they have a chance. Cat instincts help them look for predators and prey.



their intelligence does not let them stay or rest, as they want to know and investigate every place.

Hunting Tendencies:

hunting a place where their owner wants to spend time is the favourite thing a feline can do.

One thing you can do is to give private litter time to your cat; in return, maybe she is willing to reward you, your bathroom time.

Feline Friends Want Attention

Bathroom time is when an artist creates art, and a musician makes a tune, so what can be a better time to spend quality time with your owner and cats are intelligent. They take all your attention in the washroom, petting, rubbing, and messaging.

They also play with you in the bathroom without any disturbance. Sitting on your lap, walking between the legs, or just watching silently gives the happiness of furry creatures as they feel they have their whole attention. Attention is the weakness of a cat, and you can estimate it if a stray cat follows you or walks with you.

Fresh Water Instigate The Cat To Follow You Around

Cats love water and cold places, and definitely, your bathroom is. Cats love to drink water early in the morning or with your company. Maybe it is too hot outside for cats, and they wanted to spend some good time on cold tiles, seats, and sinks.

There is also a possibility, as in my case, my cat loves to sprinkle water from the shower to me to start playing to entertain me. There are so many things that attract your cat in a bathroom, and above all is freshwater.

Cats Enjoy The Routine

Cats have a natural clock that compels them to follow the routine. My cat gives me reminders of food and Playtime exactly at the same time, so cats are big routine followers.

In the bathroom, they follow you for their needs or especially when you have their litter box in the bathroom. Without need, they may follow you as they also love to remember the routine of their partner or owner.

Your Bathroom Has Your Smell

Cats have a sensitive nose as they can smell you from many miles away and enjoy your company in a closed space; they will follow you to the bathroom.

Your bathroom smells like you, and there are the sounds that also make them attached to you. Cats love to absorb the smell of their owners as their olfaction makes them able to recognize their owners.

The human resting face is the same for cats, so they recognize their human partner through smell and sound, so the bathroom is a source of your fragrance.

Bathroom Are Seems To Be Playground To Cats

The bathroom seeks attention, and it is genuinely more than true that’s why people spend enough money to make the bathroom luxurious.

So why are you expecting that cats will not go to the bathroom? The bathroom is a playground for cats. Things that attract cats in the bathroom


Pica’s instinct motivates cats to come into the bathroom and play, and cats love to play with papers, which satisfies their instinct. But be careful tissues are harmful to cats if they ingest.

Water tap

Opening and closing of taps is the favourite task of cats as they love the on and off water splashing sounds.


Olfactory satisfaction is the leading cause why cats love to spend time in the bathroom.


It gives them a feeling of their bed, and they love to sleep in a cold and slippery place.


Cats follow me to the bathroom, or cats follow me around is the natural phenomenon as they feel protected in a concise place with you or enjoy spending time with you. Which reason suits your feline friend more?

Are you comfortable with this follow-around session with your cats or still want to change his behavior?

Put your precious opinion in a comment.

Written by Mary

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