Winter Feeding Tips For Dogs

Winter Feeding Tips For Dogs, To Keep Them Healthy

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Winter Feeding Tips For Dogs

Winter is the season of sluggishness and laziness, and the same goes for animals. In some countries, winter is the longest and extreme season, and it demands much care and attention, especially in feeding habits. If we talk about dogs some dog breeds feel extremely cold in the winter, and some are ok. But the overall condition is the same.

You can take your woollen out, sit in the humidifier or take a hot shower, but what about furry friends such as cats, and dogs? How will they survive or maintain their energy level?

So the best tip is to maintain their nutrition. In this article, we will discuss dogs’ feeding tips that will help keep them healthy.

Introduce Warm Food

Warm food is the best thing to keep dogs warm. It not only maintains the internal temperature but also provides energy. Different warm foods are on the list that can be given to dogs in the winter.

Chicken soup

It is the direct way to give protein to dogs. Protein is good enough to move in the winters and to maintain temperature. Please take a few chicken pieces, boil them, shred them and add some celery or carrot to them. This soup will give energy. It will also help in healing if the dog has diarrhea and stomach upset.


Oatmeal can never be the replacement for regular food. But it can be given twice a week. Oatmeal has a high amount of fiber. Make a bowl of oatmeal in water as milk can be heavy for pets.


After every meal, there are so many leftovers. You can give this to your dog in small amounts, such as turkey, Mashed potatoes, and green veggies. These foods can give heat to your dog.

Crockpot stew

This food consists of beef and rice. It can be stored for a long time and is highly proteinaceous food.

Keep Them Hydrated

Winter is a dry season, and the thirst level slows down in this season. So far, the water intake also. There are so many water games that pets, especially dogs, love to play in the summer, and they intake water when they need it. In winters, dogs don’t want to leave their place, and in this way, their body becomes dehydrated, and it is harmful. Keep water in their range so they can leap when they need it. With this, you can add water to the raw food, such as in the leftover oatmeal and chicken soup. It will help to keep them hydrated.

Miss The Sudden Treats

As a pet parent, it is a high task to check the calorie level. A trim waist of a dog is necessary to keep him healthy and active. If you are providing treats in winter, then stop doing it right now. Let him get up for food and feel hungry. Before decoding this, search about your dog breed, and if he needs food to beat the temperature, you can give sudden treats.

Avoid Holiday Food

Your holiday treats and food can be dangerous for your friend, especially in winters. Avoid giving nuts, chocolate, yeast, and doughs to your dog. These can cause problems and illness. If you want to keep dog with you at holiday food party, then go for healthy food for your dogs, such as meat, sweet potatoes, or green beans.

Instigate Them To Do Exercise

Introduce some new and creative ways of playing games and doing exercise. This will make your dog active and instigate hunger, so he will take enough calories to maintain body temperature and energy level. The weather is frightful, and it can cause serious effects on your dog, so better to do some indoor exercise or play in the sun. You can also introduce some indoor games in the presence of a humidifier to keep the blood flow normally. Also, take care of the heat ratio as extra heat can cause irritation and respiratory issues to your dog.

Keep A Check On The Health

Winters bring so many germs and viruses as there is moisture in the air, and it causes severe irritation and problems, so to keep a check on the health of your dog, it is necessary to focus.

Joint Health

Joints are the golden organ of the living organisms as well as the dog’s body, as their normal position and health are vital for daily movement. If you have an aged dog, then there are chances of arthritis or hip dysplasia; for this, it is better to add supplements such as Glucosamine, omega fatty acid, and chondroitin in their diet.

Mental Health

Winter has a serious effect on mental health. In the cold, the dogs have low energy and do not show any interest in games and exercise, so it’s high time to visit a veterinarian and add vitamin B to their diet to make them active or keep the spirit high.

Immune System

Extreme weather is responsible for low energy and lethargic behaviour, so it is necessary to give food to a dog with antioxidant properties.


Irritation, allergies, and dryness become worse in the winter. Suppose your dog has cracked and chapped skin then buy any good dog moisturizer. With this, their paws are most susceptible to feeling cold as they move on the snow, and it can cause disease, so wear some paw covers to save them.

Coat Health

Some winter food causes allergies to the dog coat, and the coat starts shedding and becomes thin and light. Keep a check on the food and the effect related to it.

Realize The Severity Of The Weather.

Dogs have emotions and feelings, and you can tell them or learn how to live safe and secure in severe weather. Practice them to live in severe weather and provide them all the available resources for better health and safe life. All the tips mentioned above will awaken the hunger in your dog, and they will eat well and maintain calories.

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